A story of innovation, collaboration and determination

The origins

Biorenova originated from the vision and determination of a team of technicians and professionals working in the field of engineering and business management.

From the very outset, this combination of skills and experience enabled Biorenova to acquire a corporate structure that combines the need to gather the resources required to develop two capital-intensive industrial technologies with the founding partners' precise desire to ensure the maximum stability of the governance model over time.

Biorenova was thus set up as a joint-stock company with multiple vote, and in 2015 began its business activities as an innovative start-up.

The patents

  • Italian patent no. 102015000073679 “Processo per la produzione di metano mediante conversione biologica di anidride carbonica”.
  • Application for international patent PCT/EP2016/077771 “Method for producing methane by biological conversion of carbon dioxide”.
  • Application for Italian patent no. 102020000013006 “Processo per la produzione biologica di idrogeno e/o di metano mediante assorbimento e conversione biologica di anidride carbonica”.
  • Application for international patent PCT/IT2017/000135 “Process for the thermo-catalytic conversion of polymeric materials”.

Consultancy on the subject of patents is entrusted to Modiano & Partners.

The partnerships

  • DISTAL – Department of Agricultural and Food Sciences of the Alma Mater Studiorum, Bologna University.
  • DIIIE – Department of Industrial and Information Engineering and Economics of L’Aquila University.

The accolades

  • EDISON PULSE 2016 – Biorenova is selected from among the five finalist companies, in the “Low carbon city” category.
  • START UP 2018 NATIONAL AWARD (CIRCULAR ECONOMY NETWORK) – Biorenova is selected from among the best ten companies at national level in the field of circular economy.

Biorenova in numbers

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